Ordinary Council Meeting   Date: 19 December 2018, 7:00pm, 
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Order of Business

  • 1. Recording and Live Streaming of this Council Meeting
  • 2. Present
  • 3. Apologies
  • 4. Declaration of Conflicts of Interest
  • 5. Mayor’s Report
  • 6. Petitions
  • 7. Adoption of Minutes
  • 8. Record of Assemblies of Councillors
  • 9. Deputations and Presentations to Council
  • 10. Director Planning and Environment
  • PE.1 Application for Planning Permit PLN/2018/234 – Development of the land for a telecommunications facility (40m high NBN monopole and ancillary equipment) and lopping of six (6) trees – Yalonga Road, Woodend
  • PE.2 Application for Planning Permit PLN/2018/348 – Use and development of the subject land for a dwelling and group accommodation, office and store, and business identification signs – 34 Clowes Street, Malmsbury
  • PE.3 Proposed Planning Scheme Amendment C129 – Gisborne Business Park Development Plan
  • PE.4 Macedon Ranges Biodiversity Strategy
  • PE.5 Adoption of Amendment C118 – Implementation of the Gisborne, New Gisborne and Kyneton Heritage Study
  • PE.6 Gisborne Racecourse Marshlands Reserve and Magnet Hill Environmental Management Plan
  • PE.7 Single use plastics phase out
  • PE.8 Review of the Events and Festivals Grant Program
  • 11. Chief Executive Officer’s Reports
  • CX.1 Chief Executive Officer’s quarterly review
  • 12. Director Corporate Services
  • CS.1 Contracts to be awarded as at 19 December 2018
  • CS.2 Reports from the Audit Committee meetings held on 14 November 2018 and 5 December 2018
  • CS.3 Audit Committee Annual Report
  • CS.4 ANZAC Day commemorations – Requests for support
  • CS.5 Australia Day Celebration Grants 2019
  • CS.6 Australia Day Awards 2019
  • 13. Director Community Wellbeing
  • CW.1 Wyralla Reserve
  • CW.2 Draft Macedon Ranges Shared Trails Feasibility Studies
  • 14. Director Assets and Operations
  • AO.1 Shire-wide Footpath Plan
  • AO.2 Consideration of requests for inclusion of roads onto the Public Road Register
  • AO.3 Farrell Street, New Gisborne – Traffic calming
  • AO.4 Update on Roadside and Footpath Trading Policy
  • AO.5 Draft Tree Management Policy
  • 15. Notices of Motion and Rescission
  • No. 9/2018-19: Councillor Henry Bleeck
  • 16. Urgent or Other Business
  • 17. Confidential Reports

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